Balancing Valves

AB-QM Pressure independent valve

AB-QM is a Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve, which limits the maximum flow, and at the same time function as a control valve operated by different types of Danfoss actuators. As result the system is temperature controlled as well as hydronically balanced.

AB-QM can be set to a precise design value and thereby provide full control over the real conditions in the system.

AB-QM Pressure independent valve

Technical data

Code No.TypeSizeDescriptionNom. Flow

AB-QM Pressure independent valve

003Z0705 AB-QMDN125With test plugs90000 l/h
003Z0706 AB-QMDN150With test plugs145000 l/h
003Z0707 AB-QMDN200With test plugs190000 l/h
003Z0708 AB-QMDN250With test plugs280000 l/h
003Z0715 AB-QMDN125 HFHigh flow110000 l/h
003Z0716 AB-QMDN150 HFHigh flow190000 l/h
003Z0717 AB-QMDN200 HFHigh flow250000 l/h
003Z0718 AB-QMDN250 HFHigh flow370000 l/h
003Z0770 AB-QM DN40With 3 test plugs7500 l/h
003Z0771 AB-QM DN50With 3 test plugs12500 l/h
003Z0772 AB-QM DN 50FWith 3 test plugs12500 l/h
003Z0773 AB-QM DN 65With 3 test plugs20000 l/h
003Z0774 AB-QM DN 80With 3 test plugs28000 l/h
003Z0775 AB-QM DN 100With 3 test plugs38000 l/h
003Z1201 AB-QMDN10Without test plugs275 l/h
003Z1202 AB-QMDN15Without test plugs450 l/h
003Z1203 AB-QMDN20Without test plugs900 l/h
003Z1204 AB-QMDN25Without test plugs1700 l/h
003Z1205 AB-QMDN32Without test plugs3200 l/h
003Z1211 AB-QMDN10With test plugs275 l/h
003Z1212 AB-QMDN15With test plugs450 l/h
003Z1213 AB-QMDN20With test plugs900 l/h
003Z1214 AB-QMDN25With test plugs1700 l/h
003Z1215 AB-QMDN32With test plugs3200 l/h
003Z1251 AB-QMDN10 LFLow flow version, without test plugs150 l/h
003Z1252 AB-QMDN15 LFLow flow version, without test plugs275 l/h
003Z1261 AB-QMDN10 LFLow flow version, with test plugs150 l/h
003Z1262 AB-QMDN15 LFLow flow version, with test plugs275 l/h


Accessories and Spare Parts, AB-QM Tailpieces, union connections etc. for AB-QM

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AME QM push-pull actuators for large AB-QM The AME QM actuators are used with the AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valve. DN40 to DN100: AME 435 QM DN125 and DN150: AME 55 QM DN200 and DN250: AME 85 QM The actuators automatically adapt the stroke to the valve end positions which reduces commissioning time. They are very flexible actuators, which can be controlled by all types of control signals like voltage, current and 3-point.
AME/V 110/120 NL/X & AMI 140 AMV(E) 110 NL and AMV(E) 120 NL actuators are used 0-10V and 3-point gear actuators that combine with AB-QM (sizes DN10-DN32) for superb control. AMI 140 is 2-point 3-wire actuator used with AB-QM DN10-DN32.
HERO H-piece unit with AB-QM valve The Danfoss HERO connection set with AB-QM valve is a compact and time saving configuration – designed for creating optimal hydronic balance in cooling and heating applications with variable flow (installations incorporating fan coil units (FCU) or chilled beams). Flow is controlled by the AB-QM pressure independent control valve to avoid overflow and reduced efficiency of thermal unit.
TWA-Z Actuators Thermal actuator for Danfoss automatic flow limiter type AB-QM and for valve type VZL.