AMV(E) 20/23

AMV 20/23 are actuators for three point control and AME 20/23 are actuators for modulating control. Furthermore, AMV(E) 23 are actuators with safety function.

In addition to basic functions such as manual control and position indication, the actuators are equipped with force sensitive swich-off to ensure that nor actuators or valves are exposed to overload.

AMV(E) 20/23

Technical data

Code No.Supply voltage
(V ac)
Power consumption
Control typeStem force
Spindle speed
Spring down (return)

AME 23

082G3016 2493-point or modulating45015Yes

AMV 23

082G3009 23073-point45015Yes
082G3010 2473-point45015Yes


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AME 23/23 SU/33
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