AMV(E) 55/56

AMV 55/56 are actuators for three point control and AME 55/56 are actuators for modulating control.
The actuators automatically adapt their stroke to the valve end positions, which reduces commissioning time.

AMV(E) 55/56

Technical data

Code No.Supply voltage
(V ac)
Power consumption
Control typeStem force
Spindle speed
Spring down (return)

AME 55

082H3022 2493-point or modulating20008No

AME 56

082H3025 2419.53-point or modulating15004No

AMV 55

082H3020 2473-point20008No
082H3021 23073-point20008No

AMV 56

082H3023 2417.53-point15004No
082H3024 23017.53-point15004No