Self-acting Pressure and Flow Controllers


Self-acting flow and temperature controller with integrated control valve primarily for use in district heating systems. The controller closes on rising temperature or when set max. flow is exceeded.

The controller can be combined with Danfoss electrical actuators AMV(E) (and controlled by ECL electronic controllers) and with AVT or STM thermostats.

The controller has a control valve with adjustable flow restrictor, connection necks for electrical actuator and thermostat, and an actuator with one control diaphragm.


Technical data

Code No.DNkvs
Connection typeInstallation placeSetting typeQnom


003H6770 150.425150Ext. threadFreeNone0.18
003H6771 15125150Ext. threadFreeNone0.4
003H6772 151.625150Ext. threadFreeNone0.86
003H6773 152.525150Ext. threadFreeNone1.4
003H6774 15425150Ext. threadFreeNone2.2
003H6775 206.325150Ext. threadFreeNone3
003H6776 25825150Ext. threadFreeNone3.5
003H6777 3212.525150Ext. threadFreeNone8
003H6778 401625150Ext. threadFreeNone10
003H6779 502025150Ext. threadFreeNone12
003H6780 3212.525150FlangeFreeNone8
003H6781 402025150FlangeFreeNone10
003H6782 502525150FlangeFreeNone12