VFG 33/34

VFG 33/34 are pressure balanced 3-way mixing and diverting valves primarily used in heating and district heating systems.

VFG 33/34

Technical data

Code No.DN
No. of ports
Connection typeStroke

VFG 33

065B2598 258162003Flange8
065B2599 3212.5162003Flange8
065B2600 4020162003Flange12
065B2601 5032162003Flange12
065B2602 6550162003Flange16
065B2603 8080162003Flange16
065B2604 100125162003Flange20
065B2605 125160162003Flange20
065B2606 258252003Flange8
065B2607 3212.5252003Flange8
065B2608 4020252003Flange12
065B2609 5032252003Flange12
065B2610 6550252003Flange16
065B2611 8080252003Flange16
065B2612 100125252003Flange20
065B2613 125160252003Flange20