A self-acting differential pressure controller primarily for use in district heating systems. The controller closes on rising differential pressure.

Controller consist of:
- control valve (flange connection) type VFG 2 / VFG 21 - for technical parameters look at part "Combine with..." below,
- pressure actuator type AFP / AFP-9 with control diaphragm and a spring for setting differential pressure - see below.


Technical data

Code No.tmax
FunctionSetting typeMin. Dp setting
Max. Dp setting
Max. operation pressure


003G1016 150Diff. press. controllerAdjustable0.151.525
003G1017 150Diff. press. controllerAdjustable0.10.725
003G1018 150Diff. press. controllerAdjustable0.050.3516


003G1014 150Diff. press. controllerAdjustable1625
003G1015 150Diff. press. controllerAdjustable0.5325