The MTCV is a thermostatic, self-acting, proportional valve. It provides thermostatic balancing of hot-water systems within the temperature range of 35 - 60 degrees C.

It enables temperature measurement and is designed to prevent unwanted tampering. A shut-off function of the circulation riser is possible by means of optional fittings with a built-in ball valve.

The valve’s metal parts consist of lead free brass components and an Rg5 bronze valve body in accordance with the regulations of the European Drinking Water Directive.

Modular upgrading of the MTCV valve is possible during operation under pressurized conditions. When servicing becomes necessary the calibrated thermo-element can be replaced.


Technical data

Code No.Size
Setting range
(° C)


003Z0514 1535 - 601.5
003Z0516 1545 - 651.5
003Z0551 2045 - 651.8
003Z0553 2035 - 601.8
003Z1511 1535 - 751.5
003Z1515 1535 - 601.5
003Z1520 2035 - 601.8
003Z1557 2035 - 751.8
003Z4515 15  
003Z4520 20