AMV(E) 130/140

AMV 130/140 are actuators for three point control and AME 130/140 are actuators for modulating control.

The actuators can be used with fan coil units, induction units, small reheaters, recoolers and in zone applications in which hot/cold water is the controlled medium.

AMV(E) 130/140

Technical data

Code No.Supply voltage
(V ac)
Power consumption
Control typeStem force
Spindle speed
Spring down (return)

AME 130

082H8044 241.3Modulating20024No

AME 140

082H8045 241.3Modulating20012No

AMV 130

082H8036 2413-point20024No
082H8037 23083-point20024No

AMV 140

082H8038 2413-point20012No
082H8039 23083-point20012No