XG 31 H/L

Gasketed plate heat exchangers designed for district heating offering excellent heat transfer properties. They are suitable for heating and domestic hot water applications, especially where cleaning of the heat exchanger is required.

They are also suitable for HVAC, cooling and industrial applications.

The heat exchanger can consist of plates type L or plates type H.

XG 31 H/L

Technical data

Code No.TypeMax. operation pressure
Connection typeConnection sizeNo. of passesNo. of plates

XG 31H

004B1389 XG 31H-1-10 16FlangeDN65/DN65110
004B1390 XG 31H-1-20 16FlangeDN65/DN65120
004B1391 XG 31H-1-30 16FlangeDN65/DN65130
004B1392 XG 31H-1-40 16FlangeDN65/DN65140
004B1393 XG 31H-1-50 16FlangeDN65/DN65150
004B1394 XG 31H-1-60 16FlangeDN65/DN65160
004B1395 XG 31H-1-70 16FlangeDN65/DN65170
004B1396 XG 31H-1-80 16FlangeDN65/DN65180
004B1397 XG 31H-1-90 16FlangeDN65/DN65190
004B1398 XG 31H-1-100 16FlangeDN65/DN651100
004B1399 XG 31H-1-110 16FlangeDN65/DN651110
004B1400 XG 31H-1-120 16FlangeDN65/DN651120
004B1401 XG 31H-1-130 16FlangeDN65/DN651130
004B1402 XG 31H-1-140 16FlangeDN65/DN651140

XG 31L

004B1375 XG 31L-1-10 16FlangeDN65/DN65110
004B1376 XG 31L-1-20 16FlangeDN65/DN65120
004B1377 XG 31L-1-30 16FlangeDN65/DN65130
004B1378 XG 31L-1-40 16FlangeDN65/DN65140
004B1379 XG 31L-1-50 16FlangeDN65/DN65150
004B1380 XG 31L-1-60 16FlangeDN65/DN65160
004B1381 XG 31L-1-70 16FlangeDN65/DN65170
004B1382 XG 31L-1-80 16FlangeDN65/DN65180
004B1383 XG 31L-1-90 16FlangeDN65/DN65190
004B1384 XG 31L-1-100 16FlangeDN65/DN651100
004B1385 XG 31L-1-110 16FlangeDN65/DN651110
004B1386 XG 31L-1-120 16FlangeDN65/DN651120
004B1387 XG 31L-1-130 16FlangeDN65/DN651130
004B1388 XG 31L-1-140 16FlangeDN65/DN651140